being MVP: Stride Rite Shoes

Stride Rite Shoes

Kenzie got her new Stride Rite Clara shoes from  She was delighted to open the box and "try" on the too big shoes.   I love Stride Rite shoes because they seem to be comfortable for babe and the styles are just perfect for kids.  Bonus that they come in half sizes!  Kenzie has a few pairs of Stride Rites she is wearing right now (you can see in random photos).  I love that Stride Rite is also sold at Nordstroms where one can pick up a balloon & look at the mini aquarium :)

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If you want some Clara shoes check out:***8********BG37104*M060&productId=8-124531&catId=cat1530663SR


  1. Yes! I love Stride Rite shoes. We usually go in to one of their stores in the spring and fall/winter to get my kiddo's feet measured and the half-sizes come in so handy. They keep the running list of shoe sizes at the stores for you too. And I usually browse the sale shoes. ;) Gotta keep the costs down.

  2. We too like Stride Rite Shoes. I also shop the sale and clearance in hopes of a great snag. Almost any pair that fit are a great snag actually cus their styles are great.
    Gladys P

  3. I love Stride Rites, I think they are the best shoe for new walkers!

  4. Will be using these when my baby starts to walk.

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  5. I just found this review because i've been researching what are the best shoes for my baby boy...i was in between stride rite and another company for my baby's first shoes and I love that these shoes are so great for babies when they first start to walk. Thanks for your review!


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