being MVP: Ready for School with Thomas the Train

Ready for School with Thomas the Train

Kenzie is ready for school with her new Thomas the Train backpack from @TrueBlueEngine.  The bag is very roomy and can fit lots of books!  It is a tad bit big for her as she's only 1 but she loves to put it on and look out the window for dogs and cars :).  Kenzie's uncle bought her 3 Thomas trains from Puzzle Zoo at SouthCoastPlaza.  She knows how to say "train" and "choo choo".  The trains are a bit pricey ($34+tax for the 3 pack) and Kenzie dropped one right after opening the package and part of one broke off.  Since they are wood they are a bit more fragile but she loves to choo choo them around.  Hopefully she can add onto her collection soon!  
Check out Thomas at: or @TrueBlueEngine

*Kenzie also got some Thomas sunglasses but they are for older children so she can't wear them yet. 


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