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DIY Ribbon Roses for Mother's Day Craft

My mom was always engineering some sort of fun craft for us kids when we were growing up and I loved spending time with her doing those. One of the ones I remember helping her with was Rose bouquets from ribbons. She use to make them for her patients, coworkers, and friends all the time and I was her little helper. Now I enjoy making these and look forward to showing my daughter how to do the same.

Creative Summer Fun at Galileo Camp + Major Savings! #galileocamps #spendsummerbold #ad

*My friend Rita's opinions.

My son, like most kids, is very inquisitive and I love seeing him process all the information around him every day. He enjoys learning about different parts to things he sees and how they function and of course the infamous “why?”  As a proud momma I equally enjoy coming up with new material to share with him and challenge his mind. This is why I am a huge advocate of Galileo Camps!

Galileo Camps is more than your average summer camp. Galileo encourages innovation and critical thinking in age appropriate activities. The majors offered at Galileo are unique, fun and useful compared to other camps where kids aren’t engaged and challenged enough. Galileo focuses on STEAM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), which I find critical and entertaining for young minds.

STEM Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set + #Giveaway

I had read an article not too long ago about coding being the new second language being taught to young kids. I was intrigued and found it remarkable that it had mentioned simple methods of introducing the fundamentals of coding in easy to understand concepts for young minds. I always wanted to look further into that for my kids when the time came and here it is. I recently learned about STEM Robot Mouse Coding Activity Set from Learning Resources and am excited to bring it home for my kids especially since Kenzie has been "coding" at school.

How to Get Paid for Watching Ads #WynZynSweeps #WynZyn #ad

I routinely surf the net and like everyone else in this world, I’m always online for one thing or another.  I always thought, if only I could make an earning by being on the internet… Finally, I actually might be able to reap some rewards. WynZyn is new patent pending app where I can be entered into weekly CASH sweepstakes for simply watching a daily video advertisement. 

Pfizer Pediatric Platform Now Available at Target + #Giveaway #SickJustGotReal

Disclosure: The Pfizer Pediatric Platform products, information, and additional gift pack have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

With this year’s flu season being the worst ever, I worry about the crazy illnesses that my little cootie monsters will bring home especially from school. While, I do take as many precautions as possible, including the flu vaccine for the entire family, there are some things that are simply inevitable. For those times, I unfortunately, have to rely on medications to ease symptoms and bear through it all. I’m not a proponent of medicating children unnecessarily especially with sugar enhanced and unhealthy “cures” on the shelves. Recently, I learned about the Pfizer Pediatric products that have been specially formulated for helping kids and I’m a big fan.

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