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Open your Hearts and Homes to America's Youth @aspiranet

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In raising my two children, I find it essential that my little ones have a strong, stable and loving home. I feel it is a crucial element in having them grow up to be secure and independent individuals. In our family independence isn’t something that is achieved merely by turning 18. At 18, independence is guided with support and care for them to make their own adult choices with love from their family. Aspiranet recognizes this need for young adults who still have a lot of learning and growing left and helps provide it those individuals who don’t have such support.

Valentine's Day #Giveaway #BeMineGiveaway

We are very excited to share with you an awesome "Be Mine" Valentine's Day Giveaway sponsored by Mommy Scene and filled with lots of amazing natural products and fun stuff for families!

Valentine's Day Giveaway - Mommy Scene

SmartNoggin Developmental Toys + #Giveaway

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My daughter is only two years younger than my son so when it comes to baby toys we thought we were covered. However, that never keeps me from looking or shopping for new and/or better items to help her development. I was excited to find SmartNoggin! SmartNoggin specializes in helping babies reach important development milestones and their NogginRings and NogginStick are perfect for my daughter.

Peaceable Kingdom's Valentine's Day Collection + #Giveaway

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With Valentine's Day around the corner, I've started making all my holiday purchases. One of the adorable parts about this holiday is the cute little exchanges that take place at my children's schools. I remember how much fun it was as a kid to give and get little Valentine's Day cards in school and how much value was given to the nice cards over the boring ones. As a mom of kids who are going through this process I want my kids to enjoy picking out fun cards for their classmates. Peaceable Kingdom has captured the enjoyment of Valentine's Day for young kids in the design of their card collection for the occasion.

Spread More Love with Put Me In The Story + #Giveaway

Disclosure: My friend Rita received a book for review. All opinions are her own.

Reading is such an important part of childhood and I find that it's ever too early to start. My son has loved "reading" since newborn. I attribute his love for books to those early story time days. Likewise, I've started reading to my daughter in hopes that she will grow to love reading as well. While, my son loves various characters and stories, I found that the ones he was truly captivated by were the personalized ones that included him in the story. From all the companies I've found that offer personalized books, Put Me In The Story offers the best selection, simple steps and great prices. Put Me In The Story has a great selection of books for Valentines Day and I thought it was the perfect occasion to get my daughter her fist personalized book.